About Kuhn Photo

About the Photographers

KuhnPhoto is known for their close-up view of small animals and plants covering many subjects.  More than 15,000 are found on this digital website and available for high resolution download. We have over 200,000 additional photos in our stock files. If you don't see what you need here, we may have additional images in our files.

Our coverage includes such things as…

  • Tiny to large animals, from microscopic amoebas to gorillas

  • Gardens and Wild Plants, including germinating seeds to mature plants

  • Life cycles studies from ladybugs to chameleons

  • Biology concepts: including photomicrographs, photosynthesis, camouflage and others

  • We specialize in small critters and animal behavior others don’t photograph - e.g. fleas jumping, worms in their tunnels, birds hatching, courtship behavior, etc.

We are sole photographers for more than 140 children's books on nature and biology. Thousands of our photos have appeared in major magazines and textbooks. Dwight Kuhn was one of ten photographers featured in the book Wildlife Photography:The Art and Technique of Ten Masters.  He was featured photographer in the book Wildlife Photography.  Dwight was trained as a biologist and taught school for eighteen years. He now devotes full time to his photography stock business. Dwight’s sons, David and Brian, are also major contributors to the KuhnPhoto stock files along with many of our published works. 

Recently published books include Where in the Wild (Tricycle Press 2007) which won numerous awards including: 2008 SB&F Prize for Excellence, 2007 Editor’s Choice, 2008 Animal behavior Society Outstanding Children’s Book, New York Times Review, 2008 Outstanding Science Book, John Burroughs Award and many others.  Follow up books, Where Else in the Wild and What in the Wild also received many notable book awards.

Representative Book Credits Include: Glencoe, Mc-GrawHill, Addison Wesley, Brown Publishers, Saunders, Harcourt, Holt, Houghton Mifflin, Prentice Hall, Benjamin Cummings, Grolier, Heath, Macmillian, National Geographic, Newbridge, National Wildlife, Ortho, Readers Digest, Scott Foresman, Silver Burdett, Time-Life, Simon & Schuster, Sunset, World Book, Meredith, Franklin Watts, Wiley, Freeman, GEO, Mosby, Wadsworth, Lerner Books, Child's World, Scholastic, Kodak, Chanticleer, Heinemann Library, Capstone Press, Rodale Press, and Crabtree Books. 

Kuhn’s work has appeared in more than sixty photo essays featured in major magazines such as: Audubon, Natural History, GEO, Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Wildlife, Airone, and Ranger Rick.

Please feel free to contact us about your photo needs.